Thursday, November 17, 2016



Anchorage Cleaning Services mission is to build a long term relationship with our client that go beyond one- time cleaning service, provide value on a consistent and ongoing basis. To ensure our clients get quality service through our attention to detail, customer service excellence and to implement healthy green business practices and sustainability that minimize environmental impact.


Anchorage Cleaning Services goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving them valuable time and energy by taking cleaning off in their “to do” list, so they can focus on things that matters and they have their time freed up for family, friends, healthy activities and for fun!


We are committed to provide high quality and excellent cleaning services that goes beyond one-time cleaning needs.
Rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate business that provide quality and excellence service for the clients. We assure you that we are honest, legal, ethical and moral in our business dealings
Our staff is comprised of professional Home/Office Cleaning expert that are employees rather than independent contractors, providing protection for our clients. If there were any accidents, either property or personal injury to the cleaner, our insurance would cover any loss, we carry our own insurance so you have no worries! Many consumers don't realize that if they hire an independent cleaner (not a legitimate business), they are the consumer and the employer. They will be responsible for paying payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation for that illegitimate worker. With us, you have none of these worries! Our employees have been rigorously trained. For our client’s peace of mind, each employee agrees to be background checked and drug tested. Our company is fully bonded. In addition, we carry both Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance. You can rest assured the person in your home has integrity, is trustworthy and is held accountable to the Anchorage Cleaning Services policies and standards.
We really want to earn your business for the long term and this is why we offer such amazing price without sacrificing quality. We price our services according to the amount of cleaning that needs to be done! Our pricing structure is simple and very competitive! We are flexible with what works best for you. Our prices are based on the amount of work needs to be done. We offer hourly, one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly in residential and commercial properties as well as special event cases. We are flexible with our scheduling. For more information on estimates and rates, please get free estimates here.

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