Thursday, November 17, 2016


Residential Cleaning Service and Commercial Cleaning Service are obviously different, but just how different are they? Each of the 2 types of cleaning services targets a certain distinguishable building – one for the houses and another for the business establishments. Household cleaning can be tagged as “business to consumer” while office cleaning can be described as “business to business.” Aside from these apparent factors, there are actually more aspects that differentiate the two. Learn more about the dissimilarity between house cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.
Cleaning Schedule
With regards to the cleaning schedule, residential cleaning is usually done during the day on weekdays whilecommercial cleaning is carried out in the evenings (late nights, mostly) on weekends. As can be observed, office cleaning is best accomplished when the workers are nowhere in the business premises.
Detail and Time
Residential Cleaning demands more detail work than Commercial Cleaning since the latter focuses more on getting the task done in less time as possible. When cleaning a house, the whole place must be thoroughly sanitized which means more time will have to be devoted. Also, cleaning an office involves fewer objects than when you’re cleaning an entire house.  
Attention to Detail
Speaking of objects, there is a tendency for home cleaning to be more cautious since personal space and property are involved. Clients of household cleaning services tend to be sensitive about how their things are handled, even up to the smallest details (how the pillow is placed or how the towels were folded, etc.) As for clients of business cleaning services, they usually have no worries as long as the task is completed.
Client Interaction
As to personal space, there is a tendency for residential clients to watch the house cleaners’ every move. It may even result to interaction, both positive and negative, between the cleaners and the occupants so it’s essential that home cleaning workers are presentable and that they know how to deal with various types of people. Commercial cleanersrequire little to no interaction since they are expected to be cleaning a workplace where the employees have already gone home.
In terms of payment, most cleaning service is usually charged once the work is finished. As for the commercial cleaning service, payment is made depending on the contract agreed upon by the cleaning service company and the administration of the business operations. When it comes to pricing, office cleaning is definitely more expensive than household cleaning.
Since the market for residential cleaning is larger than that of commercial cleaning, there is tighter competition with the latter. In order for an office cleaning service to compete with the market, they have to command greater presence through higher quality and affordability or they may consider expanding to home cleaning. Cleaning services for businesses are usually decided on a bidding process where the payment, task specifications, as well as terms and conditions are agreed upon. Marketing either residential or commercial cleaning service is also done in a different manner. These are the many differences between a residential cleaning service and a business cleaning service.

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