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Anchorage Cleaning Services mission is to build a long term relationship with our client that go beyond one- time cleaning service, provide value on a consistent and ongoing basis. To ensure our clients get quality service through our attention to detail, customer service excellence and to implement healthy green business practices and sustainability that minimize environmental impact.


Anchorage Cleaning Services goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving them valuable time and energy by taking cleaning off in their “to do” list, so they can focus on things that matters and they have their time freed up for family, friends, healthy activities and for fun!


We are committed to provide high quality and excellent cleaning services that goes beyond one-time cleaning needs.
Rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate business that provide quality and excellence service for the clients. We assure you that we are honest, legal, ethical and moral in our business dealings
Our staff is comprised of professional Home/Office Cleaning expert that are employees rather than independent contractors, providing protection for our clients. If there were any accidents, either property or personal injury to the cleaner, our insurance would cover any loss, we carry our own insurance so you have no worries! Many consumers don't realize that if they hire an independent cleaner (not a legitimate business), they are the consumer and the employer. They will be responsible for paying payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation for that illegitimate worker. With us, you have none of these worries! Our employees have been rigorously trained. For our client’s peace of mind, each employee agrees to be background checked and drug tested. Our company is fully bonded. In addition, we carry both Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance. You can rest assured the person in your home has integrity, is trustworthy and is held accountable to the Anchorage Cleaning Services policies and standards.
We really want to earn your business for the long term and this is why we offer such amazing price without sacrificing quality. We price our services according to the amount of cleaning that needs to be done! Our pricing structure is simple and very competitive! We are flexible with what works best for you. Our prices are based on the amount of work needs to be done. We offer hourly, one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly in residential and commercial properties as well as special event cases. We are flexible with our scheduling. For more information on estimates and rates, please get free estimates here.


Residential Cleaning Service and Commercial Cleaning Service are obviously different, but just how different are they? Each of the 2 types of cleaning services targets a certain distinguishable building – one for the houses and another for the business establishments. Household cleaning can be tagged as “business to consumer” while office cleaning can be described as “business to business.” Aside from these apparent factors, there are actually more aspects that differentiate the two. Learn more about the dissimilarity between house cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.
Cleaning Schedule
With regards to the cleaning schedule, residential cleaning is usually done during the day on weekdays whilecommercial cleaning is carried out in the evenings (late nights, mostly) on weekends. As can be observed, office cleaning is best accomplished when the workers are nowhere in the business premises.
Detail and Time
Residential Cleaning demands more detail work than Commercial Cleaning since the latter focuses more on getting the task done in less time as possible. When cleaning a house, the whole place must be thoroughly sanitized which means more time will have to be devoted. Also, cleaning an office involves fewer objects than when you’re cleaning an entire house.  
Attention to Detail
Speaking of objects, there is a tendency for home cleaning to be more cautious since personal space and property are involved. Clients of household cleaning services tend to be sensitive about how their things are handled, even up to the smallest details (how the pillow is placed or how the towels were folded, etc.) As for clients of business cleaning services, they usually have no worries as long as the task is completed.
Client Interaction
As to personal space, there is a tendency for residential clients to watch the house cleaners’ every move. It may even result to interaction, both positive and negative, between the cleaners and the occupants so it’s essential that home cleaning workers are presentable and that they know how to deal with various types of people. Commercial cleanersrequire little to no interaction since they are expected to be cleaning a workplace where the employees have already gone home.
In terms of payment, most cleaning service is usually charged once the work is finished. As for the commercial cleaning service, payment is made depending on the contract agreed upon by the cleaning service company and the administration of the business operations. When it comes to pricing, office cleaning is definitely more expensive than household cleaning.
Since the market for residential cleaning is larger than that of commercial cleaning, there is tighter competition with the latter. In order for an office cleaning service to compete with the market, they have to command greater presence through higher quality and affordability or they may consider expanding to home cleaning. Cleaning services for businesses are usually decided on a bidding process where the payment, task specifications, as well as terms and conditions are agreed upon. Marketing either residential or commercial cleaning service is also done in a different manner. These are the many differences between a residential cleaning service and a business cleaning service.

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We provide window cleaning and window washing services. We offer specially designed “Window Care” programs which are customized to your needs and are discounted based on frequency.
Rates subjected to an On-Site Assessment
With our Window Care program, you are able to create a residential window cleaning schedule that is both affordable and effective at keeping your windows looking clean year round. The idea is simple; the more you use our cleaning services, the more affordable each window cleaning becomes. To learn more about our pricing, and how to save up to 30% off our retail pricing, contact us and put Anchorage Cleaning Services to work in your home. Our two most popular window cleaning programs are interior and exterior cleanings every six (6) months, and exterior cleanings every three (3) months. Your individual needs will vary based on your area and variables such as children, pets and the amount of cooking and entertaining that you do.
In keeping our green cleaning and sustainable practices philosophy, we accomplish our mission by using only approved and earth-friendly solutions and products that are guaranteed to leave no toxic trails or harmful chemicals.
For free quotes or free estimates click here.


Ideally, it’s good if someone comes in to clean your house or apartment for you even though you are well capable of handling it on your own. Household chores are definitely done more effectively if you ask for professional help fromcleaning companies. You can focus on other things that matter to you, hiring professional cleaner is worth every penny, when it takes away your headache. Here are some of the many benefits why taking advantage of cleaning services will be good for you even though you are good at it.
They Can Handle Everything
You may enjoy cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen but it’s possible that you detest cleaning the dusty garage or cabinets (or is it the other way around?). Thus, it’s a good idea to do the cleaning on chores that you enjoy and leave the daunting ones to the professionals. This way, you can spend more time on things that you do love and at the same time freed time for things that matter the most. Since you have freed some of your tasks for them, it lessens your stress.
They Can Help You Out When You’re Having a Baby
If you are expecting a baby, this will definitely mean you will be able to provide less time for yourself and more work on household chores. Be it if you’re pregnant or are already carrying your baby, completing cleaning tasks will certainly be a challenge since you will have a hard time moving around with changes in your body during pregnancy especially as you are getting closer to giving birth. But thanks to these household cleaners, you will be able to provide full attention to your baby while feeling the comfort in the knowledge that your house will not be neglected. The same can also be true if you have a visitor or an elderly relative who will come over to your house. You will be able to tend to your loved ones or friend while the professional cleaner tend to your household.
They Know How to Handle Things
You may know how to clean the floor or windows but residential cleaning services will undoubtedly be able to clean them in more effective ways than you do. This helps in the maintenance of most areas in your house and in turn will add value to your property. This could also reduce expenses on repair or replacement for these things, which leads to more savings.
Cleaning Is Done on A Regular Basis
You may know how to do some household chores but it’s not definite that you will be able to keep on a regular schedule. When you hire a cleaning company, however, the same cannot be said. A cleaning company will always be on time to work on the schedule that you requested or agreed upon. There are times when you get to juggle more tasks than you normally do or would have expected. These are the days when hiring a cleaning service shines since they are able to keep on a schedule on a regular basis.


If you have a business and you think you do not need some professional help with regards to your janitorial needs, you may need to rethink again. Having your own janitor may not be the best option for you.
Today, many businesses have leaned towards many modern approaches and one of these is hiring a professional cleaning service. The reluctance to utilize such service is understandable but there are reasons why taking advantage of such service might actually prove more promising. Below are some of the many cases where your company will benefit should you avail of commercial cleaning services:
  1. Easier Hiring
Hiring a janitor for your business is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of processes involved before you will be able to get the right candidate. However, these can all be simplified if you decide to approach any of the cleaning businesses and hire a cleaner. The meticulous process of screening a competent cleaner will be eliminated from your end since the cleaning service company will be the one to do this for you.
Another worth mentioning is when it comes to the unfortunate event of firing a janitor. This will definitely prove to be stressful if you employed an individual contractor. You no longer need to go about this hassle if you’re hiring one from a professional cleaning company. You will also be able to get a replacement corporate cleaner right away since the cleaning company, depending on their guidelines, will be able to provide should you request for another.
  1. More Trainings and Specializations

Not saying that the individual contractors are less skilled with regards to their job but a house cleaner hired from a company will most likely be more exposed to extensive trainings than the former. This means that commercial cleaning companies are able to provide workers that can perform deep cleaning services or any other cleaning tasks in a more systematic and efficient manner. This paves the way for less cost, less chance of damage or theft, and more value for your money.
There is also more diversity in terms of specialization when hiring someone from a professional cleaning service. Some of the cleaners might be better at working on floors, some might be good with handling restrooms while some might specialize in industrial cleaning. Make sure to communicate your specifications to the cleaning company so that they will be able to conveniently provide you to the right cleaner.
  1. Situational Circumstances
There are instances when you will have to acquire extra office space in order to accommodate incoming potential clients and employees. Your new workplace will definitely need housekeeping, but not as much as your occupied workplace. Since the newly acquired room won’t be much of use yet, you may opt to hire a cleaning service for the meantime instead of giving the additional effort and cost to your current office janitor. Also, hiring an extra janitor will not be a smart move since he or she might end up idle. For this, you may end up paying too much for the service. This is but one of the many scenarios where hiring a janitorial company is wiser than having your own janitor.


We offer One Time Cleaning, Occasional Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning. Our Cleaning Services vary based on your Residential/Commercial needs.
Anchorage Cleaning Services will clean up all your renovation cleaning needs. We provide quality and reliable cleaning service that every Builders, Developers, Contractors, Real Estate Owners and Real Estate professional count on. You can trust us to bring out the brilliance and shine in your renovation project. Let us transform your renovation project into the clean and beautiful master piece you created.
When construction activities have been undertaken, a lot of dust is left behind. If hidden or low-accessibility areas are left undusted, severe health hazards might arise and affect people in the area. We clean items that others might miss, we will erase window fingerprints, polish all surfaces, sterilize the area, vacuum, wipe and clean every inch. We are aware of each surface’s particularity and know exactly what kind of tools to use in order to protect your newly built space.
In keeping our green cleaning and sustainable practices philosophy, we accomplish our mission by using only approved and earth-friendly solutions and products that are guaranteed to leave no toxic trails or harmful chemicals.
Let Anchorage Cleaning Services give your renovated project the touch of a newly welcoming freshness the moment you walk in the door. You can relax knowing that our professional cleaning service will turn your renovation project into a welcoming home or business.

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Cleaning with the use of nature made products at home has many advantages. Homemade cleaners give you complete control over the ingredients, meaning you can leave out things with harsh smells, unpleasant residues, or allergy-inducing irritants. Preparing cleaning products yourself is also economical, as you can often utilize simple, cheap ingredients like baking soda and vinegar. Homemade cleaning products are also all natural, which means you aren't using harsh chemicals in your home. There are several recipes you can use to make a natural cleaner at home.

Cleaning soap scum, water residue in bathroom tiles and shower door could be a very daunting task.
Here’s some of the homemade cleaning you can use to help you out.
2 cups baking soda5 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar1 spoon dishwashing soapHalf squeeze lemonBig bowl or container to mix the ingredients
Mix it together till it form a paste, use a cloth to smear it on the surface or simply use a scrubber sponge and use it to clean the shower scum, tile scum, and other areas like your bath tub. Then rinse it thoroughly with water to avoid granular residue.

Your house will smell fresh and not only it is clean, you left no harmful chemicals that can you can breath, therefore it is cleaner and healthier choice for you and your family.